Hey there! I'm Cana and this blog is practically all about the precious little angel named Troye Sivan <3'
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Touch <3
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Active - Queued because of school
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Hi there! As you know, Troye Sivan has already released his EP or album and it's the most amazing thing ever. He literally is on number 1 and I think it's our job to keep him there. So now inorder to help him, you can buy TRXYE on iTunes now! Don't worry, you'll never ever regret it! He is an amazing person and he totally deserves all of his success.

im in tears he’s perfect


When you see a great gifset that has grammar mistakes


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icherishtronnor asked:
Just letting you know that I think you are wonderful.

thank you ❤ i personally think you’re wonderful too ily :)

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peace-out-little-munchkins asked:
Sorry I was just causally stalking your blog and felt the need

well I may or may not have stalked u too im sorry but your blog is hella perfect


troye being fricking adorable in collabs <3


i found these in my drafts and i don’t even remember making these omg whY


troye and a fan + connor


troye and a fan + connor

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Troye and The Owl

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why does dennys have a tumblr

why do you